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Collection proceedings

When to consider collection services?

  • Payment of sales invoices is delayed
  • Sending reminders has not helped to recover the money
  • Unreasonably large accounts receivable of a company

Collection proceedings last until the debt is paid – they normally take around five months. During this time, the following takes place:

  • repeated contact with debtors over the phone, also by letter and by e-mail;
  • gathering and updating information on debtors' place of residence and contact details;
  • conclusion of payment agreements with debtors and payments monitoring;
  • record-keeping of debt-related interest calculation.

If the debtor's financial situation does not allow the entire debt to be paid at once, we will look for a solution through a payment agreement.

We will take your receivables for handling on the principle "No result, no fee", which means that the debt handling fee will be deducted from the receivable only if our collection is successful and the receivable is paid for.

Julianus follows the fair pricing principle in setting the price for its service. In calculating recovery costs, we follow Latvian legislation.


To submit a debt claim, please call +371 6778 31 35

Representation in legal and enforcement proceedings

When are court proceedings necessary?

  • The debtor is faltering and avoiding his obligations.
  • The debt is not paid in the pre-trial collection process.

We have created a separate Legal Department that offers:

  • preparing various procedural documents; 
  • representing creditor’s interests in court;
  • supervising the implementation of court decisions and rulings; 
  • providing legal consultations.


To submit debt claims, please use the e-inkasso service or submit a claim by sending an e-mail to or calling to +371 6778 31 35.

Debt purchase

What are your benefits from selling debts?

  • Quick money.
  • No debtors on the company’s balance sheet.
  • The company’s resources invested in its core business.


Julianus is an experienced debt buyer. We have bought more than half a million individual debts. Claim selling as an efficient method of managing debtors is used by many large companies: Tele2, Swedbank, Citadele, DnBNord, Neste Latvija and others.


The fastest and surest way to recover your money is to sell the claims. We will quote you depending on the condition of your debt claims or portfolio and the level of risk. This way, you will exchange your claims or the entire debtor portfolio for money and thus reduce the risk, while the received funds will go into your business activity.


As a partner, we take into consideration both the creditor’s and the debtor’s interests. We also abide by good business practice to make sure we don’t harm the relationship between our clients and consumers.


If you have outstanding debts, make sure to contact Julianus! Our analysts will evaluate your claims for free and make an offer to buy your debts or collect them.


For more details, please contact our Key Accounts Manager Ainārs Aļaškevičs by calling to +371 67783135 or sending an e-mail to

Debt register

The debt register is an instrument which makes it possible to exert leverage over debtors. Our goal is to make debtors pay off their debts, to prevent the accumulation of new arrears and to protect our Clients.


The debt register features information about claims processed by Julianus Inkasso. Currently, the debt register contains over 250,000 debt claims.


The debt register is actively used by the largest banks in Latvia, leasing firms and companies offering financial and telecommunication services. Our clients make over 120,000 queries, both simple ones and those requesting more complex financial ratings.


Julianus' debt register offers you the following options:


  • reports on the history of collection proceedings against private persons from Julianus' database. Information on private persons from the debt register is provided only to registered users in accordance with the rules on protection of personal data of natural persons.


  • reports with information on companies:
  • changes to the registration details of companies: removal and appointment of officials, changes relating to the share capital, articles of association, business name, address, areas of activity;
  • legal proceedings;
  • insolvency proceedings - institution, suspension and termination;
  • liquidation proceedings - commencement, suspension and termination;
  • reorganisation - division, separation and merger;
  • annulment of VAT certificates;
  • licences - current licences, revocation;
  • press releases / other information about companies from the revenue service, professional associations, mass media, the Internet, etc.;
  • reports on debt collection history and legal proceedings against enterprises from Julianus' database and other collection agencies.
  • The information is available only to registered users.


Debt collection abroad

Since 2015, Julianus has been a member of the European Collectors Association (, which allows us to offer quality collection services in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, as well as in 19 other European countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Spain, France, Italy, England, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey.

To begin a debt collection process abroad, you will have to contact Julianus to evaluate the collection prospects and agree on collection terms. When necessary, we also offer court proceedings services abroad.

For more details, please contact our Key Accounts Manager Ainārs Aļaškevičs.

Procedural reports

Julianus gives its clients an opportunity to monitor the submitted cases online and submit additional information about ongoing cases. Our experience in debt collection shows how important regular reviews are in evaluating the progress of collection. Clients can review the progress of collection, which includes information about the payments made.

Upon request and the client’s preference, we will provide reviews in Excel format, which include:

  • detailed review of payments over a specific time period;
  • progress of collection;
  • agreements with the debtor.

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Why choose Julianus?


  1. Improving payment discipline.
  2. Solving the problems caused by debts efficiently and professionally.
  3. Allowing our clients to focus on their main activities.