What if I am unable to pay Julianus Inkasso at the moment?

In most cases, you have the option to extend the due date indicated in the letter or to sign a payment agreement under which you are allowed to pay the debt in monthly instalments.

To sign or amend a payment agreement, log in to Julianus’ self-service environment HERE.

If you have any questions, contact us via the customer support chat application.

If you are unable to log in to Julianus’ self-service environment, call us at +371 67783131 or send an e-mail to sazinies@julianus.lv.

Bear in mind that opting for deferred payment may increase the costs associated with the payment of your debt by the amount of the interest, late payment interest, and/or collection costs!

What happens if I do not pay my debt by the due date?

Each time you are sent a new reminder, the collection costs increase, and late payment interest is charged for each day of delay.

If you fail to pay your debt voluntarily during collection proceedings, judicial proceedings will be initiated, which will further increase the costs you have to pay.

If, thereafter, you do not comply with the judgment of the court, the claim will be assigned to a bailiff who will seize your bank account, wages, etc. In addition, you will have to pay bailiff’s fees to the bailiff.

See what happens if you default on your debt: debt management process.

I have a lot of debts to the collection company. What should I do?

  • The most convenient way to receive information about your debts is via Julianus’ self-service environment, which you can access 24/7! Log in HERE.
  • In our self-service environment, you can sign a payment agreement that is suitable for you for each claim.
  • If the debt claims filed against you have become too burdensome, you may want to consider refinancing.

For additional information, call us at +371 6778 3131, and we will assess your situation to find a suitable solution for payment together. This will allow you to avoid costly legal expenses.

Can I sign a payment agreement and if so, then how?

The fastest and most convenient way to sign a payment agreement is via Julianus’ self-service environment. Log in HERE.

In cases where a payment agreement cannot be signed in Julianus’ self-service environment, the debt must be paid as a lump sum.

If you wish to sign a payment agreement for a longer term, please contact us by phone at +371 67783131 or by e-mail at sazinies@julianus.lv.

Recommendation: Opt for the largest instalments you are able to pay, as this ensures lower ancillary costs (interest and late payment interest).

I have a number of debts, can I draw up a single payment agreement for them?

Payment agreements can only be signed for a single debt, as each debt has a unique reference number.

If you start paying all your debts at the same time, you will end up paying less, as late payment interest stops being charged upon payment of the principal sum of the debt.

We recommend that you immediately set up standing orders with your bank, as this way you will not have to worry about making payments manually each month.

Can I pay the instalments established under a payment agreement with the collection company in advance? If so, then how will this affect the calculation of the fees and interest under the payment agreement?

The faster you pay off your debt, the lower the ancillary costs will be, including late payment interest and any payment agreement interest.

If you wish to pay the instalments established under a payment agreement in advance or pay a larger amount than usual, please contact us via the customer support chat application or by phone at +371 6778 3131, so that we can make the appropriate changes to the payment agreement.

Alternatively, you can also change the amount of the instalments conveniently in our self-service environment. Log in HERE.

As all payment agreements are entered into our database, if you simply pay a larger instalment, the system will not automatically know that you want to change the payment agreement.